After a long week of medical clinics, preaching and teaching and building we had our second Kenya play day.  Pikipiki is the name of the motor scooters available for hire in Kitale town.  Jimmy and Lorna have a few regulars they call on to transport guests, relatives and church folks.  5 of the guys showed up at the door of the house and we were off for a 4 hour adventure seeing the sights and sounds of the area for roughly 15,000 Kenya shillings.  The equivalent cost in Canadian dollars was about $16.00!


Saturday the construction continued inMatunda, and when we visited we had adventures…do watch for a post on the BUILDING PROJECT!

Sunday the team will be ministering in 2 places ( or 3 when you count Jimmy and the youth!)  details and photos later!

Friday PIKIPIKI day

[img src=]1760
ready,set, GO!
[img src=]470
[img src=]340
stick and plastic huts
[img src=]320
corn threshing
[img src=]310
taking fire wood home
[img src=]270
swimming in the reservoir
[img src=]260
washing up in the afternoon monsoon
[img src=]320
egret and lily pads
[img src=]300
B I G puddle
[img src=]280
bicycle courier
[img src=]290
[img src=]280
everywhere the muzungus go the kids gather
[img src=]260
[img src=]250
[img src=]270
welcome to Kitale
[img src=]260
donkey carts are everywhere
[img src=]250
standing in the market waiting out the rain storm
[img src=]240
Kenyans are sooooo friendly!
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