My Friend Steve


Lynda, Steve’s partner in Christ, along with Auntie Madge and Uncle Ken held a memorial service to celebrate Steve’s life.

The Memorial Service was held in Keremeos, Jan. 31, 2015 at Keremeos Community Church.
(click this link for the full audio of the service as posted on their site.) 


The service was filled with much praise for our Lord Jesus Christ.  And it truly was a celebration of Steve’s life in Christ. 

Order of Service

Pastor Dwayne  Trelenberg opened  the service and was followed immediately by Congregational Singing lead by Vera and Sylvia:

Then Pastor Blake Wagner gave a Brief Message:

Lorna Mugwe sang a beautiful song.  Copyright prevents us from posting it in full, but here is a snip of the clip:

Then Lynda choked back tears of love and shared with us Steve’s earthly journey:

Lynda was followed by Pastor Jason Weibe who recounted the final days of Steve’s earthly journey and the blessings he bestowed upon his children.

There was a special song by a fine young lad named Levi.  Again I would loved to have posted it here….

Auntie Madge came and shared both some of her memories and a special poem that was written for this day.

Others were invited forward and several did come even though Steve had only briefly been in this area.    His humour and gentle spirit warmed many hearts.  

 Little Rily, (4 years old)  even sang a song for Steve.   

Pastor Dwayne Trelenberg gave a brief message:


And after a closing song we were all invited to enjoy a luncheon and a piece of this cake!

2015-01-31 12.36.22


 In Jesus you’ll find the same assurance and hope that Steve had ‘til the day his faith became sight.

May God bless you on your journey to our Father’s house and grant you the oil of joy for this time of mourning.





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