Exercise your faith!

Hey Grace and Friends,
Did you know that 7 days without praying makes one weak? 

I invite you to begin a strength building week of Prayer this Sunday. 

Here is your guide.  Share it with those you know who need to renew and invigorate their relationship with our Lord.  

Download (PDF, 3.34MB)

Watch and prepare for the Penticton Ministerial’s 28 Days of Prayer Guide

We’ll have it here for downloading very soon or you can pick up a copy of the prayer guide next Sunday (Jan. 28th) after church and prepare to encounter God in a fresh way.

Download (PDF, 4.14MB)

Getting to Know Jesus – A Ten Day Biblical Journey of Faith and Discovery

Getting to Know Jesus – a ten day biblical journey of faith and discovery.

Getting to Know Jesus is a ten day biblical journey of faith and discovery, it was developed by Brian Bird a now retired Anglican priest living in South Africa.

Our life today is dependant on relationships and what better relationship to develop and nurture, than one with God, our Creator. This booklet can be used to gain an insightful perspective on what this relationship means to us and also used by more mature Christians, to refocus our relationships and priorities.

We have Brian’s permission to publish this on the site to extend Christ’s Kingdom.  So we present it here for your use…… be Blessed!”